World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day 2014

The United Nations has once again proclaimed “Getting to Zero” as the campaign theme of World AIDS Day 2014.  The focus of the campaign is on “zero” – zero new HIV infections, zero discrimination and zero AIDS-related deaths.  For over twenty years, the AIDS Service Foundation of Greater Kansas City has fostered grassroot action to eliminate the stigma, suffering and spread of HIV/AIDS in our community.

In observance of World AIDS Day 2014, we invite you to join us for several events enspirited by this drive to Think Globally, Act Locally and that of the Mark Dreiling Legacy Council, established last year to honor Mark’s incomparable community activism and those whose singular contributions exemplify his leadership and integrity.

All Patrons of the Mark Dreiling Legacy Council, will be invited to the World AIDS Day Patron’s Party on Wednesday, November 12th at the home of Kurt Knapstein, located at 5034 Sunset Dr, KCMO, the Community Luncheon and the World AIDS Day Reception.  

The World AIDS Day Community Luncheon will be held on Monday, December 1st, 11:30 am to 1:00 pm at the Kauffman Foundation Conference Center, 4801 Rockhill Rd, KCMO.   As a highlight of the luncheon, we are pleased to announce that S. Sloane Simmons will receive the Mark Dreiling Award for Community Leadership for her decades-long undaunted and impassioned service to our fight against HIV/AIDS.

The World AIDS Day Community Reception will be held on Thursday, December 4th, 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm at the at the Roasterie Coffee factory, 1204 W 27th St, KCMO. At the reception, we will celebrate local volunteers, remember those who have fallen to the pandemic and affirm those afflicted and affected by HIV/AIDS in our hometown.

We thank you for your steadfast commitment to the mission of the AIDS Service Foundation and for your consideration of our request in support of World AIDS Day 2014.


Mike Enos Laurie Ingram Dr Linda Moore David Wiley
Event Co-Chair ASF Board Member ASF Board Member Event-Co Chair

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Muriel McBrien Kauffman Foundation

John C. Griswold Foundation

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JE Dunn Construction Company

St. Luke’s Health System

Page Communications

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If you would like to sponsor World AIDS Day 2014, please email us here.

(Donors listed as of 11/12/14)

Legacy Patrons:

Chris Abele, Robert Claassen, Kyle Danner, Randy Coffey & Joseph Davis, Kevin Dunn,  Richard Keller & Michael Glennon, Sarah Strnad & Joe Hemmer, Knapstein Design, Jennifer & Chuck Laue, David Brinkerhoff & Dan Meiners, Brian Williams & C. Stephen Metzler, Dr. Linda Moore, David Wiley & Tom Nagel, Dan Nilsen, Page Communications, Michal Siemer & James Rodewald. 

Leadership Patrons:

Johnathan & Sarah Baum, Mike Enos, Kevin Westrope & Jason Holmes, Amy McAnarney & David Hunt, Doug Anning & Kirk Isenhour, John Pinkerton & Michael Lintecum, Kathleen Kunkler & Peggy Lowe, Mary Kay McPhee & Bill Pfeiffer, Clayton Farrell & Phillip Scaglia, Thomas Schad, Scott Switzer, Don White & Greg Thurman, Robert Trapp, William Slusher & Jeffrey Walkwitz, Ron White, Sheri & Rob Wood, Gary Reed & Jie Zhang.


Robert S. Adams, Jacque Bredius & Stephen Bogler, Andrea & Stephen Bough, Tom Suther & Kevin Bryant, Christopher Barnes & Robert Calles, Michael McTavish & Dan Chancellor, Duane Aldridge & Duane Dixon, Janie & Gary Foltz, Wayne & Maureen Harley, Karen Heath, Megan Newland & Jon Henry, Terry Anderson & Michael Henry, Shelby Herrick, Ron & Ann Hron, Laurie & Chip Ingram, Stuart Hinds & Christopher Leitch, Bill & Peggy Lyons, Danny McGeorge, David Schlomer & Richard Parsons, Heather Paxton, Ross Haynes & Mark Seely, Bernard Shondell, Dr. David L. Stagg, Kevin Sullivan, Ryan Gove & Doug Swink, Jeffrey Schmitz & Gene Switzer, Brian Partlow & Stuart Woody


Bachhuber Family, Melinda & Tom E. Beal, Chadwick Brooks, Fred D. Fowler, M.D., Roger Dawson, Jim Giles, Michael Hopkins, Jeff Light, Terry Newell, Josh Strodtman, Phil & Kim Witt.

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