This year, the World AIDS Day Theme is “HIV Activism Through Art.” The Foundation commissioned a public, large-scale mural that tells a story and sparks inspiration and conversation around HIV/AIDS in Kansas City.

The mural brings attention to the importance of access to quality healthcare for all communities.

Our World AIDS Day 2020 theme is HIV/AIDS Activism Through Art. Consider Picasso’s Guernica, Vincent van Gogh’s The Potato Eaters, or Keith Haring’s Silence=Death. These are but a few examples of the artist’s ability to visually encapsulate education, sorrow, suffering, and hope. We wish to do the same with the World AIDS Day 2020 mural/graffiti project.

Local artist, Jared Horman, was chosen to create the mural after a community-wide RFP was issued by the AIDS Service Foundation.  “As a queer artist and community organizer, one of my biggest frustrations I’ve faced is the lack of visible leadership and mentors readily available in the LGBTQ community.”

Jared’s mural centers around a sentence he wrote years ago while feeling angry and lost within his community of straight peers, who he assumed in all fields, he to look up to and seek help from.

“We hope that this public large-scale outdoor mural will tell a story and spark inspiration and conversation around HIV/AIDS in the Kansas City community,” commented Sandy Geduldig, Co-Chair of local World AIDS DAY 2020 observances.

“With this mural, we call attention to the stigmas associated with HIV/AIDS and the need for accessible health care. Be it HIV/AIDS or COVID-19, our vulnerable communities always suffer, and we want people to talk about this, and do something,” Geduldig continued.

In our 30-year history working with a diverse HIV/AIDS community, we witnessed the same acceleration of healthcare inequities that currently seem to define the COVID-19 pandemic and expand social stratification. Everyone deserves access to essential medical care and treatment, especially the underserved and uninsured.

World AIDS Day 2020

IN Kansas City Magazine, August 2020
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