Raise money. Raise awareness. Raise hope.

The AIDS Service Foundation works to raise money and awareness through AIDS WALK Kansas City and the World AIDS Day Luncheon for organizations that provide shelter, medical care and emergency services for the more than 5,700 men, women and children in Kansas City affected by HIV/AIDS. Contributions made to the AIDS Service Foundation benefit equally the KC Care Health Center, SAVE Inc., Good Samaritan Project and Hope Care Center.

In addition, a portion of the money raised through these events is distributed to the ASF Community Fund. The ASF Community Fund awards grants to not-for-profit organizations that service the specialized needs of the diverse communities dealing with HIV/AIDS, provide support to their families and friends, and/or promote education and prevention.

All funds raised by AIDS WALK Kansas City and the World AIDS Day Luncheon stay in Kansas City.

Learn how you can contribute to the AIDS Service Foundation and help bring hope into the lives of people in need.

Upcoming Events:

31st annual AIDS WALK Kansas City

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